GOAL PATROL® is a 24/7 Motivator, Reminder, and Tracker to help you achieve your hard-to-reach goals. It breaks your goal down into 5 simple steps. Change your GOAL PATROL Bracelet after each step you complete and, before you know it, you'll conquer your goal!

bracelet for motivation, goal-setting ,motivational



"I need to raise $500 for the charity."


"I need to control my child's behavior."



"I want to quit smoking."



"I want to lift 50 more pounds."



"I need to prepare for my wedding day."



"I would like to run a full marathon."



"My colleagues and I must meet our sales team quota this year."

"I have to turn in my graduate thesis by July."



"I want to start my own business."



"I want to lose 25 pounds before the summer."



"I did it!"

Everyone who successfully reaches their goals uses one all-important secret: baby steps! No matter what your goal, to reach it, you have to take action in small, planned increments. One small success leads to another. Add them all up and you arrive at that once seemingly unattainable goal.

Goals can be hard to reach alone. Now here's a motivational product to help you set goals, achieve those step-by-step successes, and eventually reach your goal by constantly reminding and rewarding you as you go every minute of every day. It's hip, it's fun, it's inexpensive - and it works! It's the GOAL PATROL® Motivational System.



Take action.


Begin with goal-setting. Simply break your goal down into 5 Measurable Steps - each of which you are confident you can achieve. Make each step specific and realistic. Use dates and/or amounts so you can measure and track your progress, and hold yourself accountable. But be sure to simplify each step into something you're sure you can do! Plug in your goal Goal Calculator.



Goal-Setting Example for Weight Loss:

bracelet for motivation, goal-setting ,motivational



Take control.


As you work your way through Step 1, you wear Motivational Bracelet 1. It has the number 1 overlaid by a bright yellow arrow pointing forward, toward success. Once you achieve Step 1, change to Motivational Bracelet 2 and wear it every day until you achieve Step 2 - and so on, until you complete Step 5 and reach your goal! 


These five steps will create a giant leap forward in your self-esteem, confidence, and consistent ability to reach all your goals!


Download the brochure!

Reward your progress by switching your Goal Patrol Bracelet each time you conquer a step toward your goal.


Take action today, !

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